The Genuine Alternative To Smoking Is Here… Electronic Cigarettes!

Vaping Is The Future

We are a group of vaping enthusiasts and live eat and breathe vaping, we pride ourselves on quality products, with a great range for people that are new to vaping right up to experienced vapers
If you are tired of the health and financial effects of tobacco based smoking then why not give electronic cigarettes a try? In some cases e cigarettes are up to 80% cheaper than traditional ones.
Smoking Without The Nasties
When you choose electronic cigarettes you are cutting out the adverse effects that tobacco has on your health as well as the nasty odours it causes for the people around you. Are you fed up of having to leave the building every time you want a cigarette? With an e-cig that’s no longer an issue.
Have a look around we have plenty of options to suit everybody so start your journey today!

About E-Cigs

The electronic cigarette also known as an e-cig is a truly ingenious product. It enables the smoker to savour their desired flavour without having to inhale the 4000 plus chemicals found in the standard cigarette. Here at we bring to you only the best quality electronic cigarettes and accessories. When you buy an electronic cigarette it provides the vaper with a way to enjoy a totally new smoking experience without the side effects of regular tobacco based cigarettes. Brands

We have our own brand of eliquid that we have put alot of time and effort into perfecting.
Tootin' Juice is made in Tamworth by us using pharmaceutical grade nicotine which we source from the leading supplier of eliquid in the world, we chose Decadent Vapours Angelic Decadence to supply this very important ingredient as it tested to be far superior and smooth to vape, also it came highly recommended by experienced ecig vendors.
Tootin' Juice is an exciting and bold brand of eliquid which we are incredibly proud of :)

Eleaf iStick 20w Compact Box mod
is a new box mod battery made by iSmoka with a fashionable metallic appearance
Price : £34.99
Rating :
Rose V2-S By Eden Mods (Price Includes Special Delivery)
Rose V2-S By Eden Mods
Price : £126.98
Rating :
Rose V2 Stumpy Kit (Price Includes Delivery)
The Stumpy Kit, makes your sexy Rose V2 smaller and sexier.
Price : £42.95
Rating :
The Dark Horse RDA
The dark horse rda by steam angel technology
Price : £55.00
Rating :




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